Interactive Play Design

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I am currently a Senior Designer within the Interaction Design Team.

Since January 2020, I have been working for the Creative Play Lab, developing the future of digital / physical play experiences with an innovation timeline projected 2 -5 years ahead.

Due to confidentiality, this video is another project I did outside LEGO for illustration purposes.

Concept to Production

Due to confidentiality, this photo is another project I did outside LEGO for illustration purposes.



LEGO® Brick Party
Web Interactive Play

Led concept ideation, user play testing and prototype iterations with the Digital Technology Team from

Final Web Experience launched 2023 on Later expanded to

Play it online.

LEGO® Friends
10 Year Rebranding

Developed rebranding strategies for LEGO® Friends' 10th year anniversary.

Transformed its storyline by capturing authentic childhood friendships and challenges. Explored adversities and celebrated imperfections.

Conceptualised Main Street Apartment Set and worked along side model designer David Tauzia.

LEGO® Super Mario
Store Journey + Exhibit

User Experience Design within LEGO Brand Retail Stores for marketing initiatives.

Explored Storefront design, themes, and in-store play experiences.

Hand-crafted a mock-up store physical experience from scratch at Billund Headquarters. 300+ global marketeers came to experience in person over span of 3 days.

Please inquire for password for video

Paper Bags
User Flow Workshops

Led co-creation workshops to facilitate exploration for paper bag packaging, replacing plastic bags.  

Developed pre-read videos for the Building Instructions Team (BIX), along with workshop templates and surveys to collect insights on improving children's unboxing and building experience.

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Due to confidentiality agreements, details of projects cannot be disclosed online.