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Identity and personality of the Waymo Driver™

Identity of Waymo Driver

Waymo came out of Google X, a self-driving car project. These cars are driven by computers. How can we communicate this abstract, intangible driver to the mass public?

This sponsorship selects 3 teams of design students to explore the new visual identity for the Waymo driver, through its interaction experiences and service models.


14 weeks


Nancy Tsai
Ruoyi An
Joseph Robinson
Ashwin Mohan

IP Purchased

March 2020 by Waymo LLC

My Contribution

Sensor Suite Design
Final Video
Interaction Touchpoints
User Journey Research


Service Design
System Design
Video Storyboard

Final design IP purchased by Waymo.

This was a Sponsored Project / Educational Partnership between Waymo LLC and ArtCenter College of Design.


You can find a short interview about
this project on Waymo's official site


Due to confidentiality agreement with Waymo LLC, work and processes cannot be disclosed.